Lately my life has consisted of what I’m going to call the three B’s: boxes, bruises, and baby. Let me explain.

Boxes: We are moving down the street on Saturday so we’ve been packing up our entire apartment this week. Knowing that our stuff only has to make it a few blocks away makes the move not as bad as last year’s cross country move, thank goodness!

Bruises: My toddler has been having a little too much fun lately and he’s got a collection of bruises on his head to prove it. I think every time he hurts himself I get more sad than he does. Nothing is worse than helplessly watching or hearing your child smack their head against an unforgiving surface.

Baby: I’m finally in the third trimester. Yay!! Everyday I get more excited to meet this new baby boy, but I also get more nervous. I still don’t think Johnny fully comprehends the idea of getting a little brother in two months. Yesterday I caught him patting his belly and saying, “Hi baby brudder.” We’ll all have a lot of adjustments to make when he arrives, but I’m so excited to have another member of our family to love!

I guess you could say things have been a little crazy in our house over the past couple weeks. Thankfully we’ve stuck to my meal plans and have still enjoyed healthy foods. I knew we’d be pressed for time and limited on ingredients since we’re trying to use up our food supply so I planned our meals accordingly. One of our favorite go-to meals that is ready in less than ten minutes is these fresh avocado, tomato, and grilled cheese sandwiches. The recipe is as simple as they come, but that’s exactly what we needed this week!

Your family will love these delicious & healthy grilled cheese sandwiches. You’ll love having dinner ready in ten minutes.
Serves: 10
  • 2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread
  • ¼ c shredded cheese (any kind works – we like cheddar and Mozzarella)
  • 2 thin slices of tomato
  • ¼ avocado, sliced
  • dash of papper
  • Butter or Pam spray to grease pan
  1. Layer the cheese, tomato, and avocado on one slice of bread and top with the other.
  2. Toast the grilled cheese on a griddle or frying pan, turning halfway through until cheese is melted and bread is browned.

This sandwich alone makes for a pretty light meal. Try serving it with some fresh fruit and/or some veggies. If you’re in a rush, pop some Steamables frozen veggies in your microwave while you toast your sandwiches and you’ve literally got dinner ready in ten minutes. Life doesn’t get much better!


What are your plans for this weekend? Go out and do something fun for me since our weekend will be packed with moving and cleaning.

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