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This week I’ve been thinking (procrastinating) about baking some goodies for a few families who go to our church. I want to make something delicious and seasonal but am hesitant to bake an unhealthy holiday treat. I’m the first to admit that most of my favorite, traditional holiday recipes fall in the unhealthy category. Being a dietitian I feel like a hypocrite when I give people desserts packed with sugar and white flour. I don’t think I need to feel this way, but it’s hard not to! I always appreciate when we receive healthy gifts around Christmas. I sure love my Christmas cookies but it gets a little overwhelming, and extremely tempting, when we have plates full of cookies overflowing in our kitchen.

Friends are buying Christmas presents

I’ve known for a while that I wanted to do this fun recipe roundup in preparation for Christmas. These recipes are from a lot of my blogger friends who work to create deliciously healthy recipes. Some of these recipes are super simple while others are a little more complex. All are made with wholesome ingredients and with far less sugar than typical holiday treats. You’ll find that these recipes are all beautiful and would make unique gifts that your friends will love! I had so much fun looking through these recipes and dreaming of making all of them….

  • Gluten Free PB Oatmeal Cookie Cheesecake Cups
  • Chewy Chocolate-Pecan Apple Bars from Healthy Aperture
  • Vegan White Chocolate Bark from Fork and Beans
  • PB&J Granola from An Avocado A Day
  • Vanilla Almond Popcorn from Real Food Deals


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