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5 Most Efficient Massage Therapy Techniques


After graduating high school or having acquired equivalent credentials, one must complete a therapeutic massage in auckland course to become a licensed and qualified massage therapist. After passing the program, a masseuse can apply for their license and, if they want to work alone, a business license.

This article will tell you about the most effective and common techniques in massage therapy. You can use these techniques on your partner after a long day at work. These techniques can also help you relax and revitalize after a stressful day at work.

Here are five of today’s most well-known massage therapy techniques.


Kneading is one of the easiest tasks for amateurs. You can use your thumbs or hands to apply pressure on various body parts. This technique reduces muscle spasms by pulling the muscle away from its bone. Petrissage is the technical name for kneading and is mostly used in textbooks about massage therapy.

Kneeling is one of the earliest techniques taught to students in massage therapy. It is also slightly more difficult than the other techniques. It is important to understand the pressure applied to the skin and muscles.

Effleurage (Light/Deep Stroking)

Another popular method used in salons, parlours and masseuse stations is this one. This involves applying very little pressure to the skin with your hands. This technique requires that the hands remain flat while they glide across the body. You can also use oils or creams to provide additional comfort.

To provide maximum comfort and relaxation, effleurage can be used at both the beginning and the end of a massage. This is done to prepare the muscles for more intense techniques and increase blood circulation to different body parts.


As the name suggests, the rubbing technique involves using your thumbs to move in a circular motion, applying pressure as needed. This technique increases blood circulation and treats joint and muscle pain.

You are treating the skin by rubbing it with your thumbs. This is especially true for areas where the muscles or joints are stiff. You can use rubbing to apply more pressure to relieve stiffness or discomfort in deeper layers of the muscle tissues.

Tapotement and Tapping

Because it improves blood circulation, tapping massage is commonly used in sports massages. The massage therapist taps various body areas using their hands, including the back, thighs and buttocks.

The hands can be held in a cup, so the fingertips touch the skin, or the fingers can tap the skin when the hands are positioned side-by-side. You can adjust the tapping method depending on what is most comfortable for your client.

Vibration or Shaking

This technique can be compared to tapping in that it involves rhythm. You can either use your hands to move across large areas (such as your back) or your fingers to cross your face. This will mimic vibrations going through the area.

The technique does not require a lot of pressure. It is designed to soothe the muscles and nerves. Many therapists recommend this technique to massage around scar tissue and over it.

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