Bang Ukraine by Roosh V

Bang Ukraine

By Roosh V

  • Release Date: 2012-11-28
  • Genre: Europe
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Bang Ukraine is a sex travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Ukrainian women while in Ukraine without having to go to strip clubs or pay for prostitutes. 

Here's what you'll find inside... 

-A deep analysis of the culture
-How you can hack the backwards Ukrainian mentality to get laid
-Advice on which city is best to visit
-The minimum amount of time you'll need in the country to sleep with a Ukrainian girl
-The best online, audio, and print resources for learning the Russian language as efficiently as possible

Most of the book is dedicated to the women. You'll read...

-An intricate breakdown on the body and appearance of Ukrainian women
-How Ukrainian women stack up against other women of the world, particularly in Eastern Europe
-A description of a Ukrainian girl's personality and how to counter her negative traits
-The type of guy who would do best with Ukrainian women
-How to respond when a Ukrainian woman tries to cross-examine you
-The 3 types of Ukrainian girls, and the one you should go for in order to obtain sex
-The 3 types of men that a Ukrainian girl wants to experience, and how to be the one that gets sex the fastest

The book teaches you how to pick up Ukrainian girls during the day, night, and via the internet. You'll learn... 

-How many approaches you'll likely have to do in order to sleep with a Ukrainian girl
-How to develop a solid backstory so she doesn't think you're a sex tourist
-A thorough strategy for getting dates via internet sites
-Two easy ways to get a Ukrainian girl's number
-A detailed breakdown on how to pick up during the day, including opening strategy, conversation tips, pitfalls to avoid, and how to best answer their common questions about your visit
-Why eye contact is so important in Ukraine, and how to use it to your advantage
-The best nightclub pickup strategy that has ever been put into print for the country of Ukraine
-How to have a conversation with a Ukrainian girl who possesses bad English, with over a dozen topics and ideas to be used both for when you meet her and on dates

Ukraine is not a one-night stand culture so be prepared to date. With that in mind, the book teaches you...

-The type of vibe you must put out to prevent getting friend zoned
-The paradoxical sign that lets you know the interaction is moving forward
-Three date strategy for sealing the deal, with specific venue suggestions, tips, and moves
-The one thing you don't want to display to a girl while out on a date (if you want to get laid quickly)
-Analysis of how a Ukrainian girl logically decides on whether to have sex with you or not
-What to do when a Ukrainian girl tries to extract resources from you in a long-term relationship
-Additional lessons learned from watching Ukrainian men pick up their own women

I wrap the book up with bonus information and stories. You'll read... 

-How you'll be perceived based on your race
-Whether or not Ukrainian girls evaluate you based on your style
-The two paths to sexual success in Ukraine
-Two short stories that offer additional insight and information into Ukrainian culture, including interesting examples of making love to Ukrainian women
-Detailed city guide on Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city

The 103-page book is organized into five chapters...

1. Welcome To Ukraine: Country background and logistics
2. Girls: How they look and act
3. Game: How to pick them up and sleep with them
4. Stories: Two stories from my time in Ukraine
5. Kharkiv: Breakdown on one of the more untouched cities in the country

Bang Ukraine aims to be a must-read guide for any Western man who wants to make love with Ukrainian women while visiting Ukraine.