TheVisualMD Diet by & Alexander Tsiaras

TheVisualMD Diet

By & Alexander Tsiaras

  • Release Date: 2013-04-02
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
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How TheVisualMD Diet & Wellness Program Is Different from Other Weight-Loss Books

TheVisualMD Diet & Wellness Program is based on hard science and solid research. Most diet books are based on little more than unproven medical hearsay or the author’s own personal biases. Our program is fact-based—and turns the conventional notion of a “healthy diet” on its head.

Nobody can present the science like we can. We show people what’s gone wrong—and how to fix it—with gripping scientific visualizations based on actual scanned data.

Our book is highly visual, making it easier to remember. Studies have shown the brain recalls visual imagery better than other sources of information.

Unlike most books on weight loss, we don’t “blame” people. We know that overweight and obesity are not due to self-indulgence and laziness—they’re the result of hormonal imbalances brought about by eating the wrong foods for years.

This is not a “diet” book or a fad diet, intended to help you lose a few pounds in a short period of time. We show you how to completely change your lifestyle to a healthy and sustainable one that will restore vitality and reverse chronic medical conditions.

We take an in-depth, scientific look at how hormonal systems become unbalanced, causing weight gain. Overweight and obesity occur when hormonal systems lose their natural balance. The hunger and satiety hormones, ghrelin and leptin, can’t accurately deliver their messages. Blood sugar and insulin levels are out of control. We explain the most natural way to eat so that the body’s hormonal systems rebalance themselves.

The information we provide is simple to use and easy to implement. Both the diet and exercise components of the plan include beginning, intermediate, and lifelong stages.

The book includes diet plans for omnivorous as well as several different types of vegetarian diets. Anyone—omnivore, vegetarian, even vegan—can successfully follow TheVisualMD Diet.

We make consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle concrete and memorable. Many books warn about the health consequences of unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. We show these disorders in a way that makes them real.

Unlike most other books on weight loss, we include a full chapter on exercise, including schedules for a complete 4-month, 3-stage exercise program.

We list and explain relevant biomarkers. All those tests, all those numbers—what do they really mean? We show why they are vital for understanding the body’s current—and future—state of health.

We convey complex information without sounding like a medical textbook. Many of the biological processes we describe can be difficult to understand. We convey this information in a conversational tone that the general reader can easily comprehend.

Our “8 Rules of Wellness” aren’t restricted to diet and exercise advice. Instead, they provide both physical and psychological guidelines to follow for full mind-body benefits.

The iBook and eBooks are fun to use because they are highly interactive, encouraging the viewer to actively explore them through pop-up images, swipe interactives, videos, and more.