34 weeks down and 6 to go! Time sure flies when you’re having fun… or at least making preparations for bringing another human being into your family to take care of for the rest of your life. Same thing right? I wish I could snap my fingers and have this baby in my arms right now, but at the same time I have an incredibly long to-do list that needs serious attention. I’m very preoccupied right now with baby #2 coming so soon, so today you’re getting a pregnancy post. I promise more food/nutrition posts are on their way!

I really have nothing to complain about when it comes to pregnancy. I’m definitely ready to not be pregnant anymore (my husband hears me say that about a million times a day) but I do love many aspects of pregnancy. I love feeling my baby wiggle and stretch his arms and legs inside me. I love hearing his heartbeat at our regular doctor appointments. I love dreaming about the minute when he’ll finally be placed in my arms. And I especially love the anticipation of when he’ll meet his big brother for the first time. I feel so close to heaven when it comes to growing, delivering, and caring for these precious little people.

Those are my deep thoughts on pregnancy, the ones that come to mind when I’m not trying to pick something up from off the floor, get off the couch, or try to go more than 20 minutes without feeling like I might pee my pants. Here are ten more reasons why I (and you) should love your third trimester of pregnancy:

1. You’ve got the best excuse for constant massaging and pampering.

2. Your belly actually looks cute in a swimsuit.

3. Daily guilt-free naps.

4. No heavy lifting.

5. Elastic waist all day, every day.

6. Nesting = crazy high productivity (at least when you’re not sleeping).

7. Weight gain is desirable.

8. Buying adorable baby things  you “need.”

9. Finishing projects you know won’t get done when the baby comes… like the blanket I never finished knitting for my now two-year-old…

10. Most fears about labor have disappeared because you’re just willing to do whatever it takes to!

What are/were your favorite things about pregnancy? Any tips for surviving the last couple months?

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